Leadership is showing the way. I have a favorite picture of leadership that of a grand general on horseback pointing his sword to the way and followed by myriads of faithful.

A leader however before mounting his horse and charge for the way, must do a significant share of preparatory work like:

Identify goals
Assess the current state of things
Produce a directional plan on how to reach the desirable goal
Strategize, select the fights, when, where and how to fight
Know his side’s strengths and weakness
Study his opponents, enemies or competitors
Identify problem-free paths
Identify any remaining possible problems in his selected path
Communicate to transmit the plan and to build/raise troop morale
Create eager followers that are ready to do their utmost for him

A leader will always opt for persuasion rather than coercion.

Managing is walking the way and covers duties like:

Extract from the directional plan that part which is pertinent to a manager’s responsibilities and work on it to make it applicable for the resources available and executable by his people
Devise programs and projects to reach goals
Organize, divide work, and structure his people, assign duties to them, design necessary systems to provide cohesion and unity
Delegate responsibility down the line
Divide and allocate resources to achieve implementation of the plan
Recruit and fire people
Design rewards and incentives
Establish feedback mechanisms
Communicate upwards and downwards

A good manager will always strive to think and act as a leader on top of his other duties.

Both the above lists are not meant to be exhaustive but rather indicative of what each position involves.

Though on a leader much depends, the success of the endeavor also largely rests on how things are executed, that work which [...]