How do we understand Culture when it refers to organizations?
We all have read many descriptions and sayings about Culture:It is the characteristic behavior of the organization; the way we do things around here; the glue that binds us all; the non-verbal communication that has been established among us; the things that are taken for granted; the principles and beliefs that are held sacred at this place; the alignment of people’s thoughts, principles and beliefs; the general atmosphere that surrounds our daily work.
Culture can take many forms:The aristocracy culture, where the emphasis is on the talented and those that excelThe democratic culture with weight on the opinions of the manyThe consensus culture requiring all to agree before any action is takenThe hierarchical culture where respect and obedience are demanded to the higher upsThe team culture where the team is the functional unit and any individualistic spirit must surrender to the whole. The experiment culture that encourages trial and accepts error as part of the learning processThe infallible culture that tolerates no mistakesThe customer centric that treats customer as kingThe efficiency culture that it demands a constant search of producing more
Culture does not readily change as it becomes by design deep rooted and is based on principles and beliefs.
What about Strategy? What is Strategy?It is a planned way to win.It is a planned way to put to best use our distinct advantagesIt is a planned way to form a competitive advantageIt is a planned way to take the best position to tackle best upcoming eventsIt is a planned route or direction to cut cornersStrategy can be described by many forms but whatever the form, it has one element common: Planned and not arriving haphazardly [...]