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Is management an Art or a Science?


Science is based on rationality, not on emotions or feelings. A Newton’s apple falls the same way independent of time and circumstances. The results are predictable. It has clear cause and effect relationships. Formulae can be devised and for a given value of the variables, the result may be calculated.

But Management has the human factor featuring greatly as one of its biggest variables. Science excludes the human factor as indeterminable.

Is then management an Art?

An artist uses his inspiration alone to compose, to paint, to design and he does this not through others but as a lone rider to a vision. The orchestra conductor may come closer to what management does. He performs not alone but through others. But even in this case, his performance is not affected by outside forces. No changes in the environment, no competitors influence his chosen way of performing.

Unlike those above, Management is not a short-term performance but a long-term one. It is influenced very much by its people, their status, their psychology, their wants and their development, by the systems, by the ever-changing tools, by the competitor acts, by the outside market and environment.

A manager cannot repeat his way of managing if one of the above factors or even their combination is different. And every time he must balance his act not to fall.

If Management is not a Science and not an Art, what is it then?

It is a practice which means that every time depending on circumstances, known or unknown, it needs a different concoction from different constituents, from different combinations.


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