Strategy - battle of Salamis2

Strategy is the way you intend to win:

By positioning your forces (resources) so that

  • your competitive advantages (CA) will give you the utmost benefit and
  • your opponents’ (competitors’) advantages are neutralized to the highest possible degree

Note: positioning covers all possible choices including choices in the location, the customer segment, the product type, the available expansion vehicles and the timing or the time stages.

Within the context of the above definition, it is possible to extract a more precise definition of the business strategy by which a company creates its CA by way of differentiation and chooses its customer segment to which its CA strengths-product most appeal.

The battle of Salamis is a classic example of winning strategy and the picture above helps to illustrate its concepts for our better understanding strategy. More details and explanations can be seen at sites like

This is the 3rd short post on strategy. The previous two covered:


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