management a force of synergy_intergration

Management is not a thing that by virtue of having it a company can rest assured that it has fulfilled that part of its business obligation. We want to argue that management makes a difference as a force of differentiation and thus it is very necessary for companies to work on their management and improve it as much as they can.

But let’s first examine what drives our businesses? Answer:

(a)    The capital investment we made at the start

(b)   Customer demand for what we have designed to produce

(c)    Our people whom we employed and

(d)   Management

Capital investment is mostly a one-off action over a long period of time. Customer demand for a specific product is again not an everyday affair. And our employees after hiring become rather permanent. Only Management is a constant daily function with a dynamic responsibility to produce out of these resources the maximum possible output. How? By Management assuming responsibilities, among others, to:

  • Set Objectives
  • Organise people and work
  • Motivate workers and managers alike
  • Design a strategic course
  • Work for now and the future
  • Constantly communicate the purpose and aims of the company
  • Create a harmonious culture of integration and synergy
  • Improve its people by training and coaching

Daily, Management has to organise, to engage and mobilise, to have and place the right people at the job, to create the right positive environment, to show direction, to align the workforce with the company purpose and vision.

The way things are done and the way people work is an important responsibility of management. And in that lies Management uniqueness and power for in a company its people are its main resource and their best utilisation is a most sought-after driver.

Thus it may be said that Management drives the company and we must see that we have the right management in the driver’s seat that knows how to lead the company to growth and vitality.

In a similar vein, Peter Drucker on the significance of Management eloquently wrote “In a competitive economy, above all, the quality and performance of the managers determine the success of a business, indeed they determine its survival. For the quality and performance of its managers is the only effective advantage an enterprise in a competitive economy can have.”

Management is the force that puts everything together and shapes the business. Whether we pay attention to it, by selecting, educating, training, challenging and liberating it, will very much determine our success story.

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