Management theory

No, management theory is not dying.

“Management theory is becoming a compendium of dead ideas”, an article in the Economist Schumpeter asserts and proceeds to argue that globalization and competition have more or less become obsolete and replaced as management pillars, the former by nationalistic elements while the latter by mergers and consolidations. See complete article at

I think that not only the article’s arguments fall short of convincing but left unanswered they will propagate among managers a pessimism unjustified.

Nationalism can never normally win Globalization:

Globalization is an economic force that has its origins in the optimization of the markets and as such will not cease to exist and exert its pressures on any walled countries.

Competition will not give its place to Mergers:

Mergers and acquisitions have not been all that successful. Their failures and the resulting economic loss is for most companies an avoidance lesson rather than a new principle of management theory to take the place of competition. Furthermore, mergers are a phenomenon in a few large countries and therefore cannot be generalized as a basic idea to cover the numerous other smaller countries that live without them.

Finally, we must not forget that a business is an economic organ of society and its nature, therefore, cannot be devoid of any new societal happenings and trends.