I was hanging in my office a painting, the art of my 10-year-old grand-daughter which she painted in her 2nd class of the elementary school, and after I drilled the hole and hanged the painting on the wall, I saw that it was too high.

To drill another hole below and cover the already drilled hole? To forget it all and pretend that all was good? None a perfect answer!

Then I came up with new thinking. To hang another smaller painting below the one considered high.

The space fitted the smaller painting very well and the couple of them looked extremely nice, much better than a perfectly positioned single first painting could look.

The lesson from the story equally applies to business situations that result from our decisions.

Sometimes after the execution of an idea or a plan, we are faced with the realization that the achieved new state is much less than what was desired. Even worse is the realization that to change it, it would not be possible without leaving its scars badly exposed.

The answer for such unwelcome situations is, instead of attempting to change it, to think innovative how by adding to it, adding some new features, you will achieve correctness and even create a new state better than what was originally aimed at.


About the author: Panikos Sardos is the Managing Director of P&E Sardos Business Solutions Int., a management consulting firm that offers advisory services, coaching and training and can be reached by email: psardos@sardossolutions.com or telephone: +357 99640912, +357 24400884, www.sardossolutions.com