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July 2022

Great Leadership: Ambidexterity and Systems Thinking

Great leadership is like Columbus’ egg. We recognize it when we see it, but beforehand we don’t know how it can be done—vital ingredients remain not yet fully uncovered. In this short article, we [...]

June 2022

Great Leadership is art


Leadership is often paralleled to conducting an orchestra where at the highs of performance the maestro enters a state of flow becoming one with his tune, his orchestra players, and the audience. Known and [...]

May 2022

Purpose: the linchpin between Profit and CSR

There is a widespread belief that firms must choose between profit and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). But how true is that?

Several management gurus among them Porter and Prahalad, tried to bridge the two coming [...]

Business purpose—how to make it work for your business

Purpose stimulates and drives a business forward. Yet many business leaders do not express purpose explicitly in their strategic statements and are thereby not able to communicate it properly to exploit its power.

Purpose answers [...]

November 2021

Principles – to forget or reinstate them in our modern world?


Who, the speaker asks, believe in principles? All hands are up!

Raise hands then, he continues, which of you seek to abide by principles in your everyday transactions and activities?

Silence ensues, no hands raised in [...]

August 2021

CSFs – Hitting targets that count

Who doesn’t want to know where to focus his attention and action so as to hit his targets? The Critical Success Factors, CSFs, is one great methodology to achieve that. But though most managers [...]