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March 2018

The single most important factor to make an organization effective

People in many organizations are well-intentioned wanting to do their best. They come to work to give value for the money they get by achieving what they think are their goals.

The problem is that [...]

The answer to the employee relations problems and to a more effective customer service: Cultural Links

1.        The Need

Many businesses and organizations are having problems of employee relations that harm the organizational climate and cause:

Delays in production, and sometimes defective products or services
Complaints from customers which [...]

Η απάντηση στα προβλήματα σχέσεων προσωπικού αλλά και της απόδοσης-εξυπηρέτησης πελάτη: Cultural Links

1. Ανάγκη 

Πολλοί οργανισμοί αντιμετωπίζουν προβλήματα σχέσεων προσωπικού που δυσχεραίνουν το εργασιακό κλίμα προκαλώντας:

Καθυστερήσεις στην παραγωγή έργου και κάποιες φορές ελαττωματικά προϊόντα ή ελλειμματικές υπηρεσίες
Παράπονα από πελάτες που ενίοτε οδηγούν και σε απώλεια μέρους [...]

February 2018

A “horizontally operated vertical structure” design

Which kind of organizational design can serve you better will very much depend on your company’s Purpose, Leadership and People. But even if you have chosen the right one, when your organization is growing [...]

December 2017

EBRD Business Diagnostics Certificate-Award to Sardos Solutions

Sardos Solutions, besides offering consulting and training, does not miss opportunities to upgrade its knowledge and expertise.

For those in pursuit of Excellence, Knowledge is always one step ahead!

The photo is from the Certificate-award ceremony [...]

The Excellence Model for improving public organizations through Self-Assessment

In our days, public organizations come under severe criticism for offering poor value for the taxpayer’s money and less bureaucracy is on the tongue of almost every citizen making eloquent the need for these [...]