performance improvement

7 simple steps:

(1) What we call it matters a lot: It is a Performance Management and not a Performance Appraisal. Avoid the falsely limiting title.

(2) It is a Management tool of the utmost significance. How managers perform on the matter should be reflected in their appraisal for higher up positions

(3) The Performance Management process is not done once or twice a year as a chore beyond normal duties, but continuously through the year as a prime managerial responsibility.

(4) Training managers on the way to operate this valuable tool as well as on its goals:

(a) Set and follow objectives

(b) Explore weaknesses and offer remedial courses

(c) Coach

(d) Appraise performance by recognizing the good as well as the weak deeds/behavior of the employees

(5) Training employees on their obligations for making the system work and what to expect from it

(6) Accompany appraisals with a fair and transparent reward system including non-monetary rewards

(7) The forms and documents used should by their extent reflect all the goals as mentioned earlier

We have prepared these 7-steps brief post in response to the request we have received from some of the readers of our previous post on “Performance Appraisal and its importance”, and we hope that it clarifies and adds to the subject.