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July 2021

Post pandemic leadership – The leader’s new work

The inrush of the pandemic took away from the ties that fastened leaders to the status quo of thinking and doing. “Structures and Systems” that supported organizations before were left behind in the evacuated [...]

June 2021

The need for ambidextrous leader


When considering the purpose of organization, we must not forget the circumstances that gave rise to its creation. It was society and its needs that called for the establishment of this entity we call [...]

What do you call yourself, a manager, or a leader?

Is leadership different from management? To this perennial question we would like to put forward some thoughts and at the same time ask for your thoughts to help bring more clarity to the matter [...]

Critical mass in business

Who wouldn’t want a tool that identifies problems early avoiding the inaction or complacency that comes from not knowing and not pinning down where the trouble is?

To respond to this, we introduce here the [...]

January 2021

The supply chain as a tool for developing strategy

We have been doing some work for a restaurant chain that, under the severe COVID restrictions, has been forced to consider alternatives among them the possibility of adding delivery services.

The question we have been [...]

December 2020

What’s wrong with our ethics?

Wrong is wrong, even if everyone does it, even if nobody dares speak against it.

Right is right, even if no one is doing it, even if nobody dares support it, even if naysayers say [...]