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December 2020

Managing by Appreciative Inquiry

When we focus to correct an organization for deficiencies, what we are trying to do is to make that organization better. But better in relation to what? In relation to what it was in [...]

September 2020

A two-stage framework for crafting strategy

When crafting a business strategy, don’t focus on competitors only.

Business Strategy aims to achieve and maintain a favourable posture for the company by influencing the equilibrium between the elements that shape the competing market [...]

July 2020

Strategy in verse

The 3rd of our recent articles on strategy:


Is so many things

In so many different ways

That makes it hard

To tell what strategy is

But when we see it done

We can tell

A strategy was there!


What a creature

Strategy [...]

What is Strategy?

Strategy is how to win! Win what? a battle or the war?

How to win a battle, in business markets, is well written about and is for most clear. Less clear and less dealt with, [...]

June 2020

Is Strategy a Wrong Concept for many Businesses and ‘Fit’ a better concept?

If the prime aim of businesses were to beat competitors, the word strategy and its concept would have been very appropriate. But is it? Is a business declared prime goal to beat competitors or [...]

April 2020

In today’s technological world, do firms need people?

Technology has proven invaluable in the fight against the coronavirus but equally invaluable have proven to be the ethos and heroics that people manifested in the progression of this crisis.

The human factor transcended its [...]